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This is by far the most popular Forex trading platform in the industry and used by many of the top Forex broker like FXCM, Alpari, InterbankFX, and many more. The list is endless due to its portability from desktop to hand phone and multi account trading. The software is easy to install and connect quickly to your trading account. The MT4 platform comes with customizable screens and windows. It features an easy to access buy and sell order form and comes with 50+ built in indicators.

The most importance features is the automated language MQL4 which comes with it, enables traders to formulate their strategy into programs thus trade automatic for them. The trading platform comes with intensive support and forum for newbie and experience trader who are looking to automate your winning strategy and gain passive income.Also comes with a strategy tester to back test your strategy with historical database currency prices.

Tradestation software is very popular among experienced trader as compare to MT4 which is more commercially popular to every day house hold trader. This software comes with built in indicator and customizable screens and windows. Also able to multi trading different account and comes with program EA for adding on to your trading account. The easylanguage programming is similar to MQL4 from MT4 but built upon using structure text or plain English instead of C programming jargons. This allow trader to easily automate their strategy into computer program.


This is another software trading platform which allows multi currency trading and comes with built in indicator chartings. Fully customizable and comes with NinjaScript to automated your trading strategy. Is comes with a simulator to back test your strategy using historical results. There are also a lot of forums, technical support and know-how website contributing to this trading platform.


This is less known but is slowly gaining popularity due to its built entirely on JAVA and its full portability. It also comes with built in chart indicator, mutli currency trading and a programming Protrader language for automation of strategies. Provide full support to web, desktop and hand phone application.

In house develop software

There are many software application platform that various Forex Broker provides and are so call in house develop software. They run their own research and programming team to enhance and update their software. Most of these software are develop to fully operate via Web, desktop or hand phone. But most in house software does not comes with programming language, with makes it a disadvantage as compare to MT4,  tradestation and NinjaTrader.

Final words.

Another new version MT5 is coming out and improves the execution speed and overall experience better then MT4. I personal like to use MT4 and love the feel of this platform. You can try out the other platform to see if it suits your trading experience. Last and most important to know is your Forex Broker, does it provide this platform for you?


Forex Trading Secrets reveals a trading system for the Euro Currency futures and forex markets that trades in the after hours from 5-11 pm CST. Our secrets for using stochastics show how to improve the performance while three new trading systems are developed and fully disclosed. We use the Tradestation platform to develop this strategy and show our approach for researching and developing a trading system. The final strategy is developed throughout the book with an improved average trade profit and equity curve. -Three fully disclosed trading systems -Rule isolation -Time diversity -Stochastic trading secrets -After hours trading from 5-11 pm -and more............ Capstone Trading Systems is owned by David Bean who has been trading the financial markets since 1995. He started with stocks but quickly moved to futures and forex in 1996 and began developing automated trading systems in 1997. More information as well as my Tradestation files for the strategy that can be downloaded are on our website at

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Algorithmic trading and Direct Market Access (DMA) are important tools helping both buy and sell-side traders to achieve best execution.
This book starts from the ground up to provide detailed explanations of both these techniques:
  • An introduction to the different types of execution is followed by a review of market microstructure theory. Throughout the book examples from empirical studies bridge the gap between the theory and practice of trading.
  • Orders are the fundamental building blocks for any strategy. Market, limit, stop, hidden, iceberg, peg, routed and immediate-or-cancel orders are all described with illustrated examples.
  • Trading algorithms are explained and compared using charts to show potential trading patterns. TWAP, VWAP, Percent of Volume, Minimal Impact, Implementation Shortfall, Adaptive Shortfall, Market On Close and Pairs trading algorithms are all covered, together with common variations.
  • Transaction costs can have a significant effect on investment returns. An in-depth example shows how these may be broken down into constituents such as market impact, timing risk, spread and opportunity cost and other fees.
  • Coverage includes all the major asset classes, from equities to fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives. Detailed overviews for each of the world's major markets are provided in the appendices.
  • Order placement and execution tactics are covered in more detail, as well as potential enhancements (such as short-term forecasts), for those interested in the specifics of implementing these strategies.
  • Cutting edge applications such as portfolio and multi-asset trading are also considered, as are handling news and data mining/artificial intelligence.
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Algorithmic Trading and DMA: An introduction to direct access trading strategies.

Discover a variety of technical and fundamental profit-making strategies for trading the currency market with the Second Edition of Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market. In this book, Kathy Lien–Director of Currency Research for one of the most popular Forex providers in the world–describes everything from time-tested technical and fundamental strategies you can use to compete with bank traders to a host of more fundamentally-oriented strategies involving intermarket relationships, interest rate differentials, option volatility, news events, and central bank intervention.

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