Leo Trader Pro

Leo Trader Pro Review

(4 out of 5 stars)

Leo Trader Pro gets a 4 star out of 5 star rating which is similar to GPS Forex Robot, Forex Megadroid, Forex BulletProof and Million Dollar Pips. Leo Trader has high ROI 32% monthly which is rank number 4 that is just above GPS Forex (28% monthly ROI) and Forex MegaDroid (19.8%). And Low Maximum Draw Down of 5.84% which is slightly higher then GPS Forex Robot (5.68%) and Million Dollar Pips (2.58%). Leo Trader Pro popularity Alexa Traffic Rank is 213,570 which are better then Forex Growth Bot (Rank 214,229) and GPS Forex Robot (Rank 283,290).

How this Forex Trading Software rank among others?

Attach a table summary of Forex EA software comparison using ROI, Profit factor, Max Draw Down, S3 scores and Alexa.com rank. Leo Trader Pro is high lighted in Red colour.

Forex EAROI (Monthly)Profit FactorMax Draw DownS3 ScoresRatingAlexa.com
FAP Turbo207%31.770.32%280 points5 starsRank 31,123
GPS Forex Robot28%3.935.68%260 points4 starsRank 283,290
Forex MegaDroid19.8%NANA250 points4 starsRank 72,310
Leo Trader Pro32%2.855.84%250 points4 starsRank 213,570
Forex BulletProof11%1.3219%250 points4 starsRank 309,467
Million Dollar Pips925%2.132.58%240 points4 starsRank 75,635
Forex Growth Bot148%1.669.05%190 points3 starsRank 214,229
Forex Over Drive5.8%NA21%190 points3 starsRank 453,393

Stretegy Tester Report

Leo Trader Pro published back tested results and below is a screen shot. (Click picture for more detail).

It shows a consistent curve with continuous profit over 4 years. Total executed trade is 7936 with quite even short position (3259 trades) vs long position (4677 trades).

The account started with $10k and ballooned to $98k over 4 years with low drawn down of 5.84% and 2.85 profit factor. Meaning you loss 1 dollar but win $3.85 dollar and the lowest loses you make is $5.84 with a $100 balance in the account.

Profit Factor is gross profits divided by gross losses. (Higher value better)
Winning trade percentage is total win trades divided by total trades (win+loss). (Higher value better)
Maximum drawdown percentage is the highest losses you have divided by account balance. (Lower value better)

Trade Result Analysis

Leo Trader Pro is another great MT4 software program that you can find in the Forex market that is promoted widely for its profitable results and track records. This is simple yet remains profitable to many expert and experiences trader. Below is a posting on the software program. (Click picture for more detail) Total executed trades are 549 with short positions at 241 trades and long position at 308 trades.

Attached a screen shot of Leo Trader Pro account from 2010 Aug 01 with starting balance of $500. As of 2012 Feb 08 remains total balance $2897. Effectively ROI at 32% monthly (over 18 months). This is much higher then unit trust investment returns.

What strategy is it?

Attached Leo Trader trades screen shot from 19 Dec 2011 to 03 Feb 2012. (Click on the picture to see in detail). Leo Trader trades buy and sell at no fix time duration thus suggesting it is following a trending chart strategy. Primary 2 currencies, used GPBUSD and EURUSD.

Executed trades size increases and decreases depending on the account balance prove that is has built in money management function. Trades profit wins from 10 pips to 40 pips, depending on the range of previous charting high and low bars. Loss stop at 200 to 360 pips depending on the wining pips ratio.

Average 10 to 15 trades a month. Leo Trader Pro mainly trade currency pair GBPUSD and EURUSD. Using scalping strategy with profit win of 5 to 10 pips and large 150 to 250 pips stoploss. Using trend indicator technically to predict the movement of currency. With built in money management, will increases the lot size as your trading account grow.

S3 Grading Scoreboard

My S3 grading below for Leo Trader Pro is 250 points, which is same as Forex MegaDroid and Forex BulletProof.

The website features live real time trading results, provided detail historical back tested trading results and also posted live account results verification by 3rd party and proof of past earnings.

You can also find many testimonials from customers with good and comprehensive FAQ. As a Clickbank product, it comes with money back guarantee and instant download access.

Total = 250 points
(4 out of 5 stars)

Not enough?

Click here to access the website for free MT4 setup, 2 promotion video, 3 more video proof of results, 2 live account access, 10 customers video review and 19 Question and Answers --->  Leo Trader Pro

Top Forex Automated Trading Expert Advisor (EA)

Forex EAROI (Monthly)Profit FactorMax Draw DownS3 ScoresStar RatingAlexa.com
FAP Turbo207%31.770.32%280 points5 starsRank 31,123
GPS Forex Robot28%3.935.68%260 points4 starsRank 283,290
Forex MegaDroid19.8%NANA250 points4 starsRank 72,310
Leo Trader Pro32%2.855.84%250 points4 starsRank 213,570

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