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My name is Sng, lives in Singapore and a Forex Trader. I have rated some popular Forex Trading Software that are profitable and easy to install. You can find the technical reviews on pages name after the Forex Software at the top of this website. For beginners that are new to Forex and Forex trading, you are encourage to read below links post for a Quick Start on Forex basic.

1) What is MT4, MQL4 and Forex Brokers?
2) What is Forex Trend, Momentum and Volatility Indicator?
3) What is this website about?
4) 5 Things you need to know about auto trading
5) What is Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pips?
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7) What is scalping, trend, technical and fundamental trading?
8) What is unit trust, stock market and ROI?
9) What is Margin call, Leverage and Profit & Loss
10) What is Forex Trading Platform MetaTrader 4?
11) What is Forex Expert Advisor?
12) What is Automated Trading System?
13) Why choose MT4 for Forex Trading System?
14) How to choose MT4 MQL program for automated trading?
15) How to apply SMA to your Forex Trading 
16) How to use Relative Strength Index in currency trading
17) How to use Bollinger Band in Currency Automated Trading 
18) How to use Commodity Channel Index in forex trading
19) How to use Stochastic Oscillator in forex trading
20) 3 steps to FX trading
21 The 3 things you need to know to be successfully in forex trading 
22 Simple Moving Average (SMA) – Simple yet powerfull indicator for MetaTrader4 (MT4)
23 Open, High, Low and close bar entry methods in MT4 programming
24 Reviewing Commodity Channel Index Technical indicator

Below are the list of broker that are popular with MT4 Trading software and have a good reputation in the market. I personally use ETX, Oanda and Alpari UK. All review include video presentation by the company and link to the company website for more information.

Simply register with the broker of your choice and Create a MT4 account to start trading.

a) Alpari UK Broker
b) FXCM Broker
c) OANDA Broker
d) IG Markets

There more in the market. Am not affiliate with any of them and no commissioned earn by me if you sign up with any of the forex broker above.

In order to get passive income from Forex Automated Trading, base on my experiences with Expert Advisor, you have to buy at least 3 or 4 software to run, this is for redundancy purpose, just in case any software strategy fails, you still have other program to fall back on.

For Advance trader whom already have MT4 account and are active trading, you can see my technical review on the Forex Automated Trading Program below.

i) FAP Turbo Review
ii) GPS Forex Review
iii) Forex Megadroid Review
iv) Leo Trader Pro Review

Once you setup the above EA program, you will need some time for the software to work and gain profit. Give yourself 3 months to 6 months to see positive results. Due to different time you enter the Forex Market, you may encounter the period where the Draw Down is beginning to reach Max. Do not panic. Just give it more time to breakeven and gain profit for your trading account.

There are also platform providing EA on their web base portal like and are also getting popular with their easy of use and simple chart summary.

Free eBook with 40+ Forex Strategies

Get your free Best Forex Ranking (BFR) Strategy Book (SB). Simply register your email into our post feedburner and you can download our free Strategy Book (SB) with 40+ strategies with clear rules, trading time frame, trading currency, stop loss and profit take. 100+ copies have been given away free.

Why you need to get this? First its free and second it contains Forex trading strategy which I have been using since when I started Forex trading. Why am sharing this? Cause I have already automated my Forex trading and getting passive income from it. And I wan you to be successful in Forex Trading also.

How to read the strategy in the free eBook. (Click on the picture for more details). All strategy comes with designated trading currency and the time frame to trade. Explicit buy and sell setup with indicators that comes with full setting. (Click on the picture for more details)

Attached is the screen shot of a easy to read 1 page strategy report. As you can see, all strategy comes with name, the currency to trade, the time frame to trade and the recommended trading hours. The buy portion comes will rules and take profit and stop loss. Similar to the sell trades which also comes with explicit clear trading rules.

Attached the screen shot of the table of contents with all the 40+ strategy names listed for easy reference. All strategy follows the similar format above and are design in a way easy to read, understand and apply to your Forex trading. (Click on screen for more details)

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Forex Trading Books you should get your hands on

You can view my selected collection of Forex Trading Books that you should read which I hand picked from with editorials comments and book description. Aurthor like Brian Dolan, Ed Ponsi, Wayne McDonell, Greg Michalowski, Kathy Lien, etc whom have many many years of experience in Forex Trading.

Click on the read comments to see more amazon customer reviews after each section. Read them at

Best Forex Ranking Cook Book

If you find it interesting to pursue automated trading, please purchase my Best Forex Ranking (BFR) Cook Book (CB). This contains all the program codes in MQL4 which can be edited and customised to suit your trading style. And also a lot of strategy which is not found in this eBook. All these codes are gather from many years of my own Forex trading experiences since 2007.

(FREE to Download) Best Forex Ranking Strategy Book (BFR SB) contains 40+ strategies setup

Best Forex Ranking Cook Book (BFR CB) contains 200+ MQL4 raw codes which you can edit and compile (including BFR SB 40+ strategies). 

All codes are fully editable and compiled in MetaEditor into fully functional EA for your trading account. All the *.mq4 comes with Live, Demo and Strategy tester switch setting, minimum account setting, Bid-Ask Spread checking, Open trades resume after program crush or hang, set able expiry EA date and many more features. This is like having your own FAP turbo or Million Dollar PIPS.

Fully editable *.mq4 files that compile successfully with no errors
(3MB zip file with 200+ EA codes. Refer to PDF file included for List of EA details)

  • All codes are mql4 format. (not ex4 executable program)
  • Fully edit and modify using editor.
  • Ready to compile and run in MT4 strategy tester. 
  • Refine the rules and achieve higher Profit factor for any strategy. 
  • No more headache to write your own codes. 
  • No more spending hours trying to debug program. 
  • Instead you can send more time fine-tuning your Forex Strategy.
  • All indicator already coded for easy re-use and re-setting values
  • No other hidden cost. Just 1 time payment and you will get all the mql4 codes.
  • Simply copy and paste your strategy indicator into the working codes. Save you plenty of time!

Related post of the MT4 testing results from the EA in my BFR Cook Book.

Attached screen shot (click to see details).

A compilation of my Forex Expert Advisor since 2007 to 2012. Below are some mql4 program that are included which I just screen capture it.

This is like having your own GPS Forex Robot or Forex Megadroid. Which you can customised to your trading strategy. Run it on multiple account, no expiry time limit and do not need to rely on any subscription monthly program.  

Fully editable *.mq4 file. 200+ EA codes. Only USD $79.
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Additional another 200+ EA codes (on top of the original 200+ EA Cook Book) that you can refine and re-use which I did not have the time to test it. I also put into the Cook Book for you to explore. Fully editable and compiled with no error. Just that I do not have the time to go and simulate and refine the trading setup rules. You can have it all Free which I already included inside the USD$79 cook book.

Total almost 500 mql4 program which cost less then 16 cents per program (average), every program comes fully editable and compile to run on MT4 platform. This is different from ex4 files which you buy that you cannot modify the codes. MQL4 codes are fully editable and all codes are included in the Cook Book. One time payment of USD$79

Bonus item 1# I also included a built in program crash restoration program inside the codes, this will actually saves your existing trades into memory hard disk and if your program crush or PC restart, it will automatically pick up and restore from the last existing trades. No more missing trades. No more unaccountable trades. All trades will be pick up by the program upon restart.

Bonus item 2# I also included a expiry date inside the program, this actually allow you to set a expiry date for the EA to stop. This is useful if you want to sell your EA program (like FAP turbo or GPS Forex) to others and want to provide a limited license or limit purchase. When expiry, they need to come back and purchase from you again. This is very useful if you have intention to sell your strategy. Also comes with account checking if you intend to charge for multiple account trading.

Bonus item 3# I also included a switch setting for Demo, Live and Strategy trading. If you plans to give away free copy that allow trader to simulate the EA in strategy trading or allow them to run Demo account using your EA. Just to prove that your EA works. You can do it using this setting. Once they see the results, they buy from you, you simply switch to Live trading and charge them for buying your EA. This is useful for your marketing strategies for selling your Forex Trading EA.

With additional 200+ programs and another 200+ programs MQL4, 3 bonus items and only one time payment. Get it now! 

Please inform me if unable to download or purchase (email to

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Only USD $79. Click on Buy Now to get your copy instantly.

"... with the account no. check, editable expiry date, memory storage using files and all the sample codes, it took me only 30 minutes to copy and paste my strategy to create my own EA. And sell it for ten times more then what I paid for! Thank you." - Mr Lee, Singapore

" So many EA to run on the strategy tester. Your editable codes really cut down my own time to develop the trading software and every EA comes with plenty of technical indicator which I can edit to use. As a technical trader, you help to automated 90% of the programming work which gives me more time to focus on the trading strategy itself. " - Eric, Taiwan

" Just simulated some of the Expert Experts and select 3 that are most profitable with high PF and low drawdown to run on my trading account. Within a week I can see profit! You are selling your Expert Advisor codes too cheaply! Can't wait to run all the Expert Advisor and add in my winning strategy to load another 3 more profitable Expert Advisors. P.S. some losing Expert Advisor actually can be re-configured with additional indicator to make it profitable. " - Lawrence, Malaysia

"Your codes really works! With some modification, now I can have my own EA trading my own strategy on VPS server ... " - Robert, USA

Hope you continue to trade and gain passive income. Do give me credits if you use my strategy and gain trading success both manual and auto trading.

Good luck!

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Sng CH

Top Forex Automated Trading Expert Advisor (EA)

Forex EAROI (Monthly)Profit FactorMax Draw DownS3 ScoresStar
FAP Turbo207%31.770.32%280 points5 starsRank 31,123
GPS Forex Robot28%3.935.68%260 points4 starsRank 283,290
Forex MegaDroid19.8%NANA250 points4 starsRank 72,310
Leo Trader Pro32%2.855.84%250 points4 starsRank 213,570

Fully editable *.mq4 files that compile successfully with no errors (3MB zip file with 200+ EA codes. Including 40+ strategies from the Strategy Book. You can download the Free Strategy Book by joining my email newsletter on the right side of this website. Click "Buy Now" to make payment and instant down the Best Forex Ranking Cook Book at USD $79 (One time payment only) Click here for more info

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