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Top Forex Trading System are those that employ MT4 and uses a high profit factor, low dawn down and high return of investment Expert Advisors running 24 hours continuously to gain passive income automatically. Simple or difficult? Or both?


Let’s talk about each portion to understand further. First is Forex Trading. Forex is the foreign exchange market where people come to buy and sell currency. Trading is an action that results in profit and losses. MT4 is MetaTrader 4 which is a Forex Trading Platform which enables traders to login into their Forex Trading Account and use charting to trade Forex. MT4 also has a built in programming language to translate trading strategies into programs software that can run automatically on MT4 tradind platform. The results of such program are called Expert Advisors and they can run 24/7 automatically. With profitable trading strategy, giving high profit factor, low dawn down and high return of investment, you can gain passive income with this setup. Simply follow below 5 steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a Forex Trading account with a Forex Trading broker

Step 2: Fund money into your trading account

Step 3: Install MT4 software

Step 4: Load profitable Expert Advisor

Step 5: Gain passive income!


The difficult portion is selection of Forex Broker, selection of Expert Advisor and setting up your trading lots size. Sound simple, well look again.

There are many Forex Broker, namely FXCM, Forex.com, Alpari, MIGFX, etc are well known and established Forex Broker. You can choose any other broker but please select broker that is established and easy to fund/withdraw money. The broker should also allow you to check and trade your trading account using MT4 platform. Allow a leverage of at least 100:1 and able to deposit fund in default United State Dollar. (This is the most widely traded currency and many currency pairs uses this currency rate exchange).

There are many Expert Advisors and only few are profitable consistently. Always look at Expert Advisors that run on MT4 platform and have a high profit factor of more then 2. Through out all the trades, it should have low dawn down at less then 20% and a high return rate of return of 50% annually. This is necessary to avoid margin call and allow you better returns then putting your money in banks, unit trust or stocks. (Warran Buffet shares return are at about 25% annually.)

Setting of trading lot size are using money management effectively during Forex Trading. Due to the high risk of Forex Trading, always calculate your maximum drawn down with margin required to hold for your open trades. This can be easily calculated by using your trading account leverage and 100k contract and your available capital for trading.

Both Simple and Difficult

The good news is that there are already software that have built in money management that will adjust and grow your trading lots size as your capital grow. The tough portion is to select those software Expert Advisor that profit and grow your trading account without wiping out by margin call or maximum losses.

Although passive income seems possible by follow the above 5 steps, but due to the change currency market demand and world wide crises emerging, you still need to monitor and fine-tune the Expert Advisor periodically to ensure losing software are removed and new profitable Advisor are added.

Visit my website for more information on selection of Expert Advisor and creating your own Expert Advisor. 

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WAYNE McDONELL is the Chief Currency Coach of FX Bootcamp (www.fxbootcamp.com), a live Forex training organization. He is a professional Forex trader, a member of the National Futures Association, and a registered Commodities Trading Advisor. Respected in the Forex industry as a successful trainer, McDonell is a regular speaker at major investing conferences and expos in Asia, Europe, and America. His videos are syndicated around the world on outlets including Forex Television, FXstreet.com, MoneyShow.com, and MSN. His live trading Webinars have attracted up to 1,000 traders each. McDonell has written "how-to" articles for investing magazines, such as Your Trading Edge and the FOREX Journal magazine. He has also received notoriety in the National Post, TechWeek, Interactive Week, and Inc. magazine to name a few.

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