FAP Turbo (280 points) trades review

Attached a screen capture of the FAP turbo trades from 2012 Jan 24 to 2012 Feb 02.

24 trades open at 2300 hrs GMT time. 6 trades open at 0000 hrs GMT time, it show the trading strategy is time triggered and will only execute trades when during 2300 to 0100hrs GMT time.

The trade currency are triggered individually with no cross reference between them USDCAD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, GBPCHF, EURUSD and EURCHF.

Money management is inplace, by looking at trade no. 9628655, trade buy at 6.6 lots for USDCAD at 23:46 hrs and close at the next day 02:14 hrs. During this time, since the balance is used for USDCAD, therefore whem 23:47, buy 6.30 lot (0.3 lot lesser due to the margin used for 6.6 lots USDCAD), USDCHF at 23:47 hrs. This is repeated for trade no. 9645717 and others.

Do take note that lots is lesser for GBPUSD, GBPCHF due to the higher exchange rate to buy/sell when converting USD to the other currency GBP/CHF.

Most trade closed within the next 2 hours except 4 trade (out of 30 trades) close more then 2 hours to 10 hours after trade executed.

Trades profit gain are 3 to 8 pips and losses at 30 to 35 pips. Overall trading strategy is not aggressive and provides small and consistent profit under control timing triggered and short (less then 1 day) trade closes.

The total S3 grading points of FAP turbo still remains at 280 points for Fap Turbo

Top Forex Automated Trading Expert Advisor (EA)

Forex EAROI (Monthly)Profit FactorMax Draw DownS3 ScoresStar RatingAlexa.com
FAP Turbo207%31.770.32%280 points5 starsRank 31,123
GPS Forex Robot28%3.935.68%260 points4 starsRank 283,290
Forex MegaDroid19.8%NANA250 points4 starsRank 72,310
Leo Trader Pro32%2.855.84%250 points4 starsRank 213,570

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