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Metatrader 4 or popularly called MT4 are usedwidely in Forex Trading world wide with Major Forex Broker support this tradingplatform. Names like FXCM, Alapri, MIG FX,, InterBankFX, etc

Forex Over Drive, Forex Robot, Forex AutopilotMT4 is a standalone installation trading platform forindividual Forex trader. Anyone can open a trading account with the Forexbroker, download the trading program and install onto the PC. Setup and configurethe broker server and login to your trading account to begin trading. One ofthe key features of this trading platform is programming capabilities, besideable to do charting, store historical price data and execute trades.
 Expert Advisor
 The core programming language is MQL4 or Metaquotes language4 is a C program look a like programming language. Its comes with programfunction structure, variable declaration, operands, conditional checks, callingof technical indicator, time date function, math operations and other features.All files end with MQL format and are editable using the editor that comes withthe trading platform. These are commonly call expert advisor and are used torun on MT4 trading account.
 Create EA
 Before you start, you have to code your trading strategyinto programming codes MQL and compile with no error. Or you can purchase thirdparty codes and use it to run on your trading account. You need to decide thetime frame and open the currency chart of your choice after you login to yourForex trading account.


 How to load EA

 First you have to copy the MQL file (Expert Advisor) intoyour MT4 program folder “experts”. Then run MT4 and it will automaticallycompiled the expert advisor and it will appear in your “navigator windows” underthe “expert advisor” directory. Simply select the desire expert advisor andmove over to your currency chart. (Click and drag). You will see the name ofthe expert advisor at the top right hand corner of your currency chart. Andlook out for a smiling face on the right. If you see a cross then you did notenable EA trading.
 Enable Expert Advisor
 MT4 comes with an option to disable or enable the expertadvisor trading on the top middle panel. Click to disable or enable it. You mayhave to set some parameters at the “tool” tab into “option” menu and go to“Expert Advisor” tab. You will see a list of tick box to select. In more cases,tick “Enable Expect Advisor”, tick “Allow live trading”, tick “Allow DLLimports” and tick “Allow external experts imports”. And leave the box empty for“Disable experts when account changed”, empty for “Disable experts when profilechange”, empty for “Ask manual confirmation” and empty for “Confirm DLLfunction calls”. With the above set up, you should see a smiling face at thetop right corner of your currency chart. You call load as many EA you want. Myrecommendation is limited 8.
 Changes to program
 If you need to change the expert advisor due to bug orprogram update, simply click on the name of the expert advisor, choose modifyand it will automatically open the metaeditor for you to make changes. Once allchanges done, simply compiled the program and it will automatically update thecopies that is attached to run on your currency chart.

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